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C.B.'s American Muscle Grill
after service by Grill Care USA techs

M.W.'s Viking Grill and Vent Hood
after service by Grill Care USA techs

Professional Grill Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair Services

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Protect the investment that you made in a luxury appliance. Preserve the health of everyone who eats from your grill. Guard yourself and family against the risk of fire or explosion. Confidently create ridiculously delicious barbecue because you know your grill is clean and functioning at 100%. And do it without breaking a sweat. We've got you... 

What is professional grill service?
Premium barbecue grills are built to last a lifetime. But only when properly maintained. Most of us don't even know the requirements, let alone have... Read More

Is Your Grill Safe?
If you've ever had that uncomfortable feeling that there could be something wrong with the grill, you shouldn't ignore it. If you knew how many ... Read More

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J.D.'s Wolf grill before and after service from Grill Care USA techs

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