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Gas Leak

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Gas Leak

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Gas Leak

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Grill Safety Inspections

Professional Grill Safety Inspections and Safety Check

Grill Care USA serves the owners of premium quality gas barbecue grills exclusively. Services are offered to residential customers and property managers. We service grills that run on propane or natural gas, built-in or free standing. 
Our 15 Point Safety Check includes gas leak detection and looks at other critical areas and potential problems.
This safety check is available as a 'stand alone' service and is also included in our Deep Cleaning programs.


Cleaning, repair and maintenance for high quality gas grills (including dual fuel charcoal /gas grills)We serve residential owners and property managers


We do not service the type of grill that comes from a department storeWe do not service pellet grills, charcoal grills, smokers or flat-topsWe do not service restaurant or commercial vent hoods, flat-tops or other equipmentWe do not service ovens, heaters, fireplaces, fire bowls, or other appliances or devices

NFPA cites failure to properly clean the grill as the leading cause of grilling related fires. This tragedy is completely preventable!

Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Property

Grills are involved in over 10,000 home fires EACH YEAR10 Civilians are killed EACH YEAR by these fires$149 Million in direct property damage EACH YEAR from these firesFailure to properly clean the grill is cited as the leading cause of these fires

Source: National Fire Protection Association

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B.M.'s Alfresco grill before and after service from Grill Care USA techs

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Not all services are available in all areas or for all grills.