Lynx grill burner before and after maintenance
Literally the difference between cooking on a grill and campfire cooking.

Professional Grill Maintenance Services

Gas Grill Maintenance Services

Grill Care USA serves the owners of premium quality gas barbecue grills exclusively. Services are offered to residential customers and property managers. We service grills that run on propane or natural gas, built-in or free standing. 
Premium grills have special maintenance requirements. These appliances are designed to provide a lifetime of enjoyable grilling experiences - when properly maintained. Failing to properly maintain your grill will lead to poor performance (like uneven heating),  damage to grill components, conditions that can put you at risk of fire or explosion, or a grill that has damage that cannot be repaired. And when damage occurs because of neglect, manufacturers will deny warranty coverage.  


Cleaning, repair and maintenance for high quality gas grills (including dual fuel charcoal /gas grills)Our Deep Cleaning services include our maintenance processWe serve residential owners and property managers


We do not service they type of grill that comes from a department storeWe do not service pellet grills, charcoal grills, smokers or flat-topsWe do not service restaurant or commercial vent hoods, flat-tops or other equipmentWe do not service ovens, heaters, fireplaces, fire bowls, or other appliances or devices

Maintaining Your High End Grill

Grill manufacturers require routine maintenance - it's important to your safety, enjoyment and for the longevity of your appliance

Many grill owners are not even aware of the manufacturer's requirements for maintenance. When is the last time that you looked at your grill's Use and Care manual?

Your high-end appliance is designed to withstand punishing conditions - but only while properly maintained.

Deferring grill maintenance leads to compounding problems that will damage grill components, cause unsafe conditions, and ultimately destroying the appliance.

Symptoms that indicate that your grill needs maintenance include difficulty lighting, uneven heating, inability to properly control the heat, rust and corrosion, knobs (valves) get hot or difficult to turn and more.

Maintain your grill and enjoy a lifetime of incredible grilling!

This grill burner is in desperate need of maintenance. Nearly impossible to light and when it does, the heat is so uneven it's impossible to get a good cook.

This $10 thousand Wolf grill looks like it just needs a good cleaning. However, it was not properly maintained leading to damage to the interior firewall, a non-replaceable part. This grill was a complete loss (yes: the actual grill in this picture).

Protect Your Investment in a Premium Quality Grill

Failure to maintain your grill will lead to poor performance - things like uneven heating, difficulty lighting, grill won't get hot enough or stays too hot.Failure to maintain your grill will lead to damaged components, requiring expensive repairsFailure to maintain your grill will lead to unsafe conditionsFailure to maintain your grill will lead to warranty claims being denied

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S.F.'s Lynx grill before and after service from Grill Care USA techs

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