You're in good hands with our highly trained service professionals.

Your Friendly Grill Expert

Grill Care USA is a brand of Southeast Grills LLC, an independently owned small business.  We started with the purpose of making grilling safer, healthier and way more fun for our customers and providing good jobs to other hard working members of the community.
We offer services to owners of high-end gas barbecue grills, exclusively. All we do is grills - full time; all day; every day. Because of this, we are unrivaled experts in the field.
We have a lot of fun and value a casual atmosphere - while always maintaining the highest level of professionalism.  Every time you have an interaction with us, you can be confident that you will be treated with the courtesy and warmth that we show to life-long friends; the respect and honesty that we give our own mother; and the diligence and care that we show our own families.
You are in good hands with our highly trained service professionals.

Our Grill Care Services

Grill Safety Inspections

Our 15 Point Safety Check includes gas leak detection and looks for other issues that cause unsafe conditions. Get your grill checked and get peace of mind.

Grill and Vent Cleaning Services

Our proprietary grill cleaning process can restore your grill to like-new condition and we do it with the use of cleaners that are non-toxic and approved for use on food contact surfaces and without scratching or damaging your valuable appliance.

Grill Maintenance Services

Our grill maintenance service exceeds manufacturer's required routine maintenance and keeps your grill operating properly with consistent igniting, heating and cooking. 

Grill Repair Services

When it's time to replace grill parts, we're here for you. We can handle the process from diagnosing to ordering parts to installing and testing.


Terms of Service

Not all services are available in all areas or for all grills.