T.C.'s Dacor grill before and after repair and cleaning by Grill Care USA techs

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Professional Barbecue Grill Repair Service

Grill Care USA serves the owners of premium quality gas barbecue grills exclusively. Services are offered to residential customers and property managers. We service grills that run on propane or natural gas, built-in or free standing.
We provide repair services for most high-end grills, including warranty repair services for many brands. We are able to order and replace parts for most grills.


Cleaning, repair and maintenance for high quality gas grills (including dual fuel charcoal /gas grills)We serve residential owners and property managersWe offer on-site diagnostic followed by written quote. Free for extisting clients only. New clients must schedule a service call.We provide non-warranty service for most grills and warranty service for many of those brandsWe are able to handle the repair process from begining to end, including ordering parts.


We do not service the type of grill that comes from a department storeWe do not service pellet grills, charcoal grills, smokers or flat-topsWe do not service restaurant or commercial vent hoods, flat-tops or other equipmentWe do not service ovens, heaters, fireplaces, fire bowls, or other appliances or devicesWe do not offer free estimates for new clients. You must schedule a service call.

Using a Grill That Needs Repair Is More Than Just Unpleasant, It Can Also Be Dangerous and Can Lead to Irreparable Damage

A Grill in a State of Disrepair is a Liability to Your Health, Safety, and Wallet

Unpleasant - Using a grill that isn't working properly is inconvenient and unpleasant. There's no reason to own a high-end appliance that doesn't work properly.

- Damage to burners, hoses, manifolds, valves, heat shields and even certain igniter issues can force gas into areas that it shouldn't be, cause flames to go out while gas is still being released and other issues that create a dangerous situation.

Expensive - Using a grill that requires repair can lead to damage to other grill components. Some issues even lead to irreparable damage and may void your warranty.

A grill in a state of disrepair becomes a liability.  Let us get you back to 100%

This was a top quality Lynx grill until a rusted burner damaged the burner bowl - a non-replaceable part. This grill is a complete loss as it is no longer safe to use.

Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Property

Using a grill that doesn't work properly is a terrible experienceUsing a grill that doesn't work properly could be dangerousDeferring required repairs leads to damage to other components and can even cause damage that cannot be repaired

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B.M.'s Alfresco grill before and after service from Grill Care USA techs

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Not all services are available in all areas or for all grills.