N.R.'s Wolf Grill and Vent Hood after service by Grill Care USA techs

Grill Cleaning and Vent Hood Cleaning

Professional Grill Cleaning At Your Service

Grill Care USA serves the owners of premium quality gas barbecue grills exclusively. Services are offered to residential customers and property managers. We service grills that run on propane or natural gas, built-in or free standing. 
Our proprietary grill cleaning process delivers incredible results. It's like hitting the reset button on your grill!

Benefits of Professional Grill and Vent Hood Cleaning

More than Convenience - It's about Health, Safety, and Preserving the Value and Aesthetic Beauty of Your Luxury Appliance

Safety - The National Fire Protection Association reports that more than 10,000 fires per year are caused by grilling and they cite the Number 1 reason as failure to properly clean the grill. Keep Reading...

- Failing to properly clean can lead to a build up of HCAs and PAHs - compounds that are linked to an increased risk of cancer.  A dirty grill is also a huge flashing sign inviting insects and rodents. Keep Reading...

Protect Your Investment - Failing to properly clean the grill leads to poor performance and damaged parts. Grill manufacturers deny warranty claims when the grill has not been properly maintained. Keep Reading...

Convenience - Thoroughly cleaning a grill is a long, hot, dirty job. We know because we do it everyday. Keep Reading...

M.K.'s Lynx Grill before and after service by Grill Care USA techs

Grill Care USA's Proprietary Grill Deep Cleaning and Maintenance Process


Protect Surrounding Surfaces and Property
We provide service at some of the finest homes in the country. We always start by protecting your property while we perform our work.


15 Point Safety Inspection
Each service call starts with a safety check that includes gas-leak detection and a check for other common safety issues that we encounter.


Grill Function and Condition Assessment
We test the function of the grill and assess whether there are components that need to be replaced or are deteriorating.


8 Step Grill Maintenance
We perform the routine maintenance required by grill manufacturers (such as clearing the burner ports and venturis) and make adjustments for proper operation (such as adjusting igniters, air shutters, and flame height).


Grill Deep Cleaning
We use non-toxic cleaners that are approved for food contact surfaces and super-heated steam (along with specialty tools and plenty of 'elbow grease') to safely remove the build up of past cooking and restore the beauty of your grill.


Recommendations and Answer Questions
We go over the condition of the grill, address any issues that were discovered and make recommendations if applicable. If you have any questions about grill functions or usage, we're happy to explain and demonstrate.

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B.M.'s Alfresco grill before and after service from Grill Care USA techs

Looks Like New, Cooks Like New!TM

NFPA cites failure to properly clean the grill as the leading cause of grilling related fires. This tragedy is completely preventable!

Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Property

Grills are involved in over 10,000 home fires EACH YEAR10 Civilians are killed EACH YEAR by these fires$149 Million in direct property damage EACH YEAR from these firesFailure to properly clean the grill is cited as the leading cause of these fires

Source: National Fire Protection Association

Eat Clean

That charred build-up on your grill may contain HCAs and PAHs - compounds linked to increased cancer riskGrease quickly goes rancid in the outdoor conditions and can impart a foul smell and bitter taste to your foodA dirty grill attracts bugs and rodents like a magnet. More than just disgusting, pests can also carry disease

Where does your food come from? Don't eat from a gross grill. There's a simple solution!

A well maintained grill will last a lifetime and provide consistent, excellent performance.

Preserve Your Investment In A High End Appliance

Deferring cleaning and maintenance greatly increases the risk of pitting and corrosionA poorly maintained grill can turn your investment into a liabilityIt doesn't make financial sense to allow a high-end appliance to deteriorate


Terms of Service

Not all services are available in all areas or for all grills.