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What do others have to say after receiving service?

"You made getting this taken care of so easy"

I am just so appreciative of your professionalism and work ethic. My grill looks just amazing. And thanks to you, I know it is sanitary. With my surgery recovery, so many things in the day-to-day are hard. You made getting this taken care of so easy. Thanks again!

-Tracie L.

"BLOWN AWAY by the work you did today"

WOW! Just got home to be BLOWN AWAY by the work you did today. You returned this grill virtually to its original condition. Thank you for the great job. I am VERY satisfied and pleased.

-Angelo V.

"Wonderful experience"

Wonderful experience. [the technician] has an excellent system to make appointment with confirmation, reminders and other comm if needed. he arrived 15 minutes early to get setup and assess the job. Incredible that the grill (built in Lion gas) is like new and in perfect working condition after his visit. Highly recommend [the] service. 5 stars.

-Brian M.

"I wish I had done this years ago"

That’s AMAZING! I wish I had done this years ago.

-Barry A.

"It's like new again"

This is the second time using their service to clean my gas grill. Excellent work. It's like new again.

-Scott V.

"10 year old built-in grill looks like new"

Total cleaning & maintenance of my gas grill. Did an amazing job. A 10 year old built-in grill looks like new.

-Ted G.

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As a Premium Service Provider, Grill Care USA stands behind our service with an unmatched 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our service will meet or exceed your expectations or we return your money. It's just that simple. Find out how we can be so confident in our work by scheduling your service today with no risk!

Amazing Grilling Made Incredibly Simple

Want to create food so good that you'll even impress yourself?

If you own a high-end grill, then you've made an investment in a premium appliance.  One that is designed to produce an incredible culinary experience that can't be reproduced in any other way. When you start with high quality food and a clean, properly-maintained premium grill, you can create plates that rival the restaurant.

But, as Bobby Flay - and every other Master Griller - will tell you: Always start with a clean grill.

How are you supposed to do that?
Thoroughly cleaning a high-end grill is a messy, dirty, hot task that's unpleasant and takes hours. And, while you're doing it, you should also be completing the manufacturer's required maintenance (you know: all that stuff in the User's Manual that everyone ignores - until it's too late) - another unpleasant task that requires tools, time, and specialized knowledge to do properly.

Risks in failure to properly clean your grill

Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association reports that 10,600 home fires are caused by grilling each year? And, these fires result in 10 deaths and $149 million in direct properly damage annually.

The NFPA cite failure to properly clean the grill as the leading contributing factor to this devastating statistic. 

10,600 home fires are started each year by grilling
10,600 home fires are caused by grilling each year. The leading contributing factor to these fires? Failure to properly clean the grill. Don't become a statistic!
In addition to safety risks, failure to properly clean your grill can have health implications.

That charred build-up in your grill contains HCAs (heterocyclic amines) and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), compounds that are linked to an increased risk of cancer.

The greasy mess inside your grill is a giant flashing billboard to insects and rodents - inviting them to a party right where your food is prepared. And, if that's not bad enough, that grease doesn't just lay there. It quickly goes rancid in the warm outdoor environment. Rancid grease has a foul odor and can impart a bitter taste and smell to your food.
Start with a clean grill. It's important for your health and for your tastebuds.

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For Professional Grill Cleaning, Repair, and Maintenance

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The Dirty Little Secret​​​​​​​ about High-End Grills

Your High-End Barbecue Grill is a Luxury Appliance that is designed to provide a lifetime of enjoymentWHEN PROPERLY MAINTAINED.  

There are special maintenance requirements for a device that:

  • sits next to your home or cabana and contains an abundance of flammable grease and live fire
  • has pressurized explosive gas flowing through it with live fire and temperatures that may exceed 1000 degrees F
  • creates and touches the food that you, your family, and your friends will ingest
  • cost THOUSANDS of dollars for the appliance alone - plus the cost of installation

So ... what's the secret?


In just a minute, you'll hear Ryan's story of a mistake that cost thousands $$, you'll see why a griller with an $10,000 grill couldn't cook a burger as well as the fast food joint down the street, and you'll find out how another owner felt when, moments after lighting his grill, the doors were blown open when a gas leak ignited;




The dirty little secret of premium grill ownership is that without regular cleaning and routine maintenance, your grill becomes a liability rather than an asset.



A poorly maintained grill becomes an expensive, dangerous, pain in the (rear). 



Premium grills require cleaning and maintenance - PERIOD


Some people are unwilling to maintain a premium bbq grill. There are grills that don't require as much maintenance - the grills from the big box store. They're not built or priced to last, so they just get thrown away and replaced every couple of years. If that's more your style, then head on over. Otherwise, read on...

Your premium grill should be producing consistently excellent results

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, damage may already be happening to your grill.

Uneven heating or difficulty lighting the grill

It may seem like just an inconvenience, but uneven heating and difficulty lighting are early signs that maintenance is required. If ignored, the problem will compound and lead to damage to your grill.

Rust develops inside the grill

Many people don't realize that stainless steel absolutely DOES rust under extreme conditions. Flame spreaders / heat plates / briquette trays will develop rust because of direct contact with the fire. Rust on other grill surfaces indicates a problem.

Discoloration on exterior grill surfaces

Thermal discoloration inside the grill is normal. Discoloration on exterior surfaces is a sign that something is wrong. If you have discoloration above the control knobs, turn off the gas and do not use the grill until it is serviced.

$10k Grill couldn't cook a burger as good as the fast food chain

$10k Viking Pro grill looks great on the outside...

Surely this is a joke, right? That can't possibly be true... 

But it was...

When we came to service this grill, here's what we found:

Your food would be half raw and half burned when trying to cook over this.

This is the flame pattern of the burners. You might be able to tell, something is seriously wrong here. The burner on the left is about 40% plugged with the misplaced gas coming at the rear of the burner (top left of picture). The burner on the right is about 70% plugged.

Besides making it impossible to cook on, this is a condition that leads to damage to the grill and often a very serious safety issue. The gas that would be coming out of the burner ports has to go somewhere and when it can't get out as designed, it will backflow into the control panel where it will flash off, scorching the electronics and destroying the seals in the gas valves which will create a gas leak. 

Here's what the burner looked like after service: 

After service: a clean, even flame all around the burner.

Luckily, only moderate damage had occurred to this grill. However, waiting until symptoms of a problem appear means that damage is already happening.

Protect your investment now!

Avoid this grill maintenance mistake that cost Ryan thousands...

When Ryan moved into his new home, he decided to install a great high-end barbeque grill. Previously he had only used grills from the hardware store and with the uninspiring results that they gave, he rarely grilled.

Now, as the proud owner of a fine culinary tool, Ryan used his grill constantly. In addition to being fun and convenient, he and his wife were able to prepare food that rivaled many restaurants.

Ryan loved his high-end grill

After using it for a few months, Ryan began to notice that the grill was no longer performing like it did when new. Lighting the grill became difficult and he noticed uneven heating. The performance continued to decline over time and as it got more use.

He called the manufacturer who instructed him to clean the grill and follow the maintenance instructions in the user's manual. To his credit, he did make an attempt. But Ryan didn't have the supplies, equipment and tools, or the know-how to maintain the grill - he's not an appliance technician. And he certainly didn't want to waste an entire Saturday messing with it.

Ryan continued to use his grill, igniting with a lighter because the electronic igniter would no longer light the grill and shuffling the food around because of hot spots and flare-ups. It seemed like half the food was burnt and the other half was under-cooked. In the back of his mind, he had that unsettling feeling that there could be a safety issue.

It happened so gradually, Ryan didn't realize that it was no longer fun: grilling had become a chore.

Finally, after a disappointing dinner party, Ryan knew that he had to do something.

When we got there, we could see that the grill would need some repairs.

But, in this case, neglecting maintenance had led to damage to the firebox and created an unsafe condition - one which could both cause and ignite a gas leak.

Failure to maintain the grill led to conditions that damaged the firebox.

The grill had a lifetime warranty, so Ryan set off to get help from the manufacturer.

The situation was a disappointment for sure, but the gut punch came after going back and forth with the manufacturer for 3 weeks when Ryan got the news that his warranty claim was denied because he failed to properly maintain the grill.

But this story is not over. In fact, it gets worse.

Because in addition to losing the original investment in the grill and its installation, Ryan had to pay for and coordinate the removal of the damaged appliance. Because of the way the enclosure was constructed, he also had to have stonework done after the old grill was removed. Not only that, but the cost of the grill and the installation went up significantly compared to when it was originally put in.

Remember also that he experienced a very poor grilling experience while the grill wasn't functioning properly and it was a potential for injury and property damage.

The worst part is that if Ryan knew that professional maintenance was available for his grill, he could have completely prevented this unfortunate incident.

Now that you know, protect your grill by scheduling your service now:

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For Professional Grill Cleaning, Repair, and Maintenance

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